Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Eight Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

1. Your website looks like it was design in 1995 and it was.

2. Your website needs some updates, but the developer (aka your nephew) is now in college and is unavailable.

3. Your animated gif is getting tired. He looked so hip back in the day, but dancing puppies just don’t articulate your marketing message like they should.

4. Your website feels like a black hole. You’re not exactly sure how many people come to your website, what they do once there and when they leave.

5. You navigation is so poor, you and your website visitors have difficulty finding relevant content.

6. You have duplicate content and you didn’t even know you had. But Google did and you’ve been hit by Google’s Panda update because of it.

7. Your website is so slow you can grab a cup of coffee while navigating between pages.

8. You greet visitors with a talking image of yourself. That may have been ultra cool years ago, but now it is just really annoying. And when the world talks about social, they do not mean talking avatars.